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06 September 2010

Beware the Teachable Moments

I failed to share this little gem of a story from summer school, but it gives a bit of a glimpse into the brain of Su, so here you go. (Those who know me well may consider themselves excused. Take the day off from reading Cheekyness.)

So, my group & I took possession of the Rhetoric & Writing department's conference room at the suggestion of our instructor. And she quite predictably dropped in when she was between meetings, and promptly began talking about the decorations on the walls. (The room does have some pretty cool stuff on display.) Everything that is up, she said, has something to do with rhetoric.

And then she said good-bye and went on her merry way, leaving me to say to my group mates, "Wow, I am so that person."

They wanted to know what I meant, and you might be wondering, too, so I'll just tell everyone. I am a disseminator of information. Whether you want to know about a particular subject or not, once you get into a conversation with me, I'm probably going to give you more random facts than you can handle. This, I have finally realised, is probably why my coworkers at the previous job often said that I know everything; they would ask an innocent question about a subject I have some knowledge of, and ten minutes later I'd still be talking.

Small amounts of information, Su; small amounts.

Nowhere is this tendency more prevalent, I think, than when I'm with kids. My own niece and nephew come in for a lot of my monologues, of course, but any children who hang out with me for more than a few minutes shall see me gladly seize hold of any and all teachable moments that come my way and belabour them to death.

As is my wont, I probably won't learn anything from this revelation, and in fact, I may try to enhance it. Which brings me to another personality quirk; since I only spend time with people I want to be around, I assume that everyone else has the same policy. Therefore, people who hang out with me by choice must want to hear random facts about every little thing.

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