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11 September 2010

No Stampeding for Me

I bet someone out there was hoping that I'd truly stop with the monthly race recaps, now that I'm not running monthly races, huh? Boy, were you silly.

I really won't be recapping any more after this, but I couldn't let my favourite race on the WTRC calendar zoom right past me without mentioning it. The Shallowater Stampede was our first WTRC race three years ago, and it's been the site of a couple of PRs for me, including one last year that I still giggle happily at the thought of. This pic is from that first race in '07; not my prettiest one ever, as you can plainly see.

So, this post should hit the web about an hour before race start time (although as WTRC races have grown, more people have showed up at the same time we always have done (I say "we" because I do it, too) only to find the registration lines to be pretty dang long, so start times are a bit more flexible than they were only a couple of years ago), and if my day is on course, I'll already be outside running. Five miles is what I have planned for what I'm sure will be a glorious Saturday morning.

But I'll be alone, again. Missing my pals (and especially Sarah, since this was her first WTRC race last year) and the familiar sights and sounds of the Shallowater Stampede. Sorry that I can't buy a t-shirt to help support the senior class' Sober Grad Night in May (we do know some of this senior class personally, and they had darn well better be sober on their grad night! I'd hate to drive all the way to Shallowater just to berate them!). So very, very sad that my dear friends and former coworkers Bridget and Becky won't be there to greet me at the end, as they have unselfishly done the past couple of years.

Have fun, Stampeders! Wish we could join you.

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