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03 April 2017

B is for Bridge #AtoZChallenge

Join me on the A to Z Challenge: for 26 days in April, I'll share something from my new home, Cincinnati.

It didn't take me long to find this glorious local landmark. I was walking around the start line area at the Turkey Trot last November, turned a corner, and thought... Where am I??

If it looks familiar--and it should!--that's because it was built by the same folks who brought us the Brooklyn bridge. Cincinnati's version is named after the guy who built it, John A Roebling, and predates Brooklyn's slightly more famous bridge by 16 years. During those years, the Roebling bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world, only to be surpassed when its baby sister was born in Brooklyn. 

So it was love at first sight when I found out we have this gorgeous bridge living right here, a love that has only been compounded by the further discovery of good-sized bike/ped paths on either side. 

The Roebling Bridge is also the star of this, clearly the best of all the adverts at the Super Bowl this year:

The music is by local group Over the Rhine (and they're obviously fantastic), but I was totally enthralled by the bridge itself the first time I saw it. On subsequent viewings, I've appreciated both the gorgeous song and all those blue scarves. I guess you have to work at Cincinnati Bell to get one of those.

I haven't quite embraced Cincy as home yet. I'm getting there, but my heart still belongs to Austin in oh-so-many ways. Which is one reason I chose Cincy for my A to Z Challenge theme this year--there's more than one way to make someplace home.

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