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08 April 2017

G is for Glencoe #AtoZChallenge

Join me on the A to Z Challenge: I'll share a different thing from my new home, Cincinnati, every day for 26 days in April.

Today's post is a two-fer, because I asked for suggestions on The Social Network that Is an Abomination and Shall Not Be Named but Is Still Useful From Time to Time, and I don't want to ignore them completely.

Graeter's Ice Cream was suggested and seconded. However, I haven't been there and I don't really want this series to devolve into "here's another local restaurant that I've heard of but haven't tried." But we did discuss it at length at Bible study earlier this week, which led to an interesting conversation about when a mom-and-pop store becomes a chain (I think 10 locations was the consensus we finally reached with the help of Google), which led to a brief mention of Schoolhouse Rock, and eventually left us all kind of hungry and craving ice cream. (Except me. Ice cream and I have a weird relationship that I shall not go into right now. I crave fro-yo instead and it's been working out well for about 15 years.) All that to say: If you're coming to Cincy and you need some ice cream, this is probably a place you want to check out.

One thing we have a lot of around here is cool old walls.
At least, I presume they're old. I suppose it's technically
possible they were built last year and were just
designed to look old.
Anyway. This is the wall on Glencoe Place.
So, Glencoe. It's a short street in my neighbourhood that is currently more of a construction zone than actual street. So why give it a post in the A to Z Challenge? Because here in this land where I waste a lot of time trying to pronounce all the German placenames in Spanish (a habit that will probably wear off eventually, but seriously, y'all, after 16 years in Texas I don't expect it to go away any time soon), I'm not about to turn away from a Scottish name that I can already pronounce, whose namesake I've visited to boot.

Having said that, while Glencoe village itself is a lovely place, and IIRC is the first place where I saw signs in both English and Scottish Gaelic, the first thing I think of when I hear "Glencoe" is somewhat less pleasant and I have to wonder who in Cincinnati's past thought, "Hey, let's name a street after the site of a brutal massacre!" If there had been social media in 1692, the street sign would probably have a hashtag on it.

Look at all that green. Spring doesn't screw around in
Cincinnati. Unrelated: I had to crop so much rubbish
out of this photo. Stop littering, folks. It's disgusting.

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