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09 April 2017


As spring progresses, I grow ever more convinced that my seeing The Secret Garden for the first time before my first spring in the Midwest as an adult was by divine intervention.

Every tulip I've seen has been so bright and amazing that
it's almost hard to believe they're real. 
I don't think of God as a giant puppetmaster pulling strings and controlling day-to-day life, though, which I suppose means that I don't really believe that thing I just wrote. But still, it was a remarkable confluence of circumstances which has led to me five months later strolling through this, my favourite of seasons, singing "And you'll be here to see it." (There's just one verse of the song in the first minute of that video, although the whole thing is worth watching.)

For here indeed I am. After a frustrating 2016 filled with false starts, I've landed on my feet with a job I enjoy and coworkers who fill me with delight, plus a church home that's ditto with bells on, and getting out of bed most days is not as hard as it once was. And while my heart may still belong to Austin, I do stop to look around every day and marvel at all this green. In many ways, every day for me is like Dorothy walking out of her house into Oz. (But before the whole shoe incident with Elphaba.)

Not every tree is blooming yet, but the ones that are--I can
barely take my eyes off them.

I went for a nice long walk before church this morning.
Great way to start a Sunday in a good frame of mind to
go tell God that he's pretty cool.
I don't need summer to get here in a hurry. In fact, I need it to not. I need plenty of mornings of singing "Winter's on the Wing" on my walk to work and loving every second of it. This is a season of rebirth and it's helping to heal the holes in my heart.

What is spring doing for you?

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