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15 April 2017

M is for Mural #AtoZChallenge

Join me on the A to Z Challenge: I'll share a different thing from my new home, Cincinnati, every day for 26 days in April.

I'm pretty sure blank walls are not allowed to exist in Cincinnati.

I should have gotten this one for my
Cincinnatus day. True story: my sister-
in-law saw this and said, "Oh, I thought
those were real steps!"
Cincinnati ArtWorks is responsible of a bunch of the murals around town. The rest? I have no idea, but appreciate the artists who have brightened up the place. No way was I going to let the A to Z Challenge go without getting as many of these as I can here for you to enjoy, too.

I had to step into a literal deserted alley to get this one.
Totally worth it.

Some of these are obviously old advertisements and not murals,
but I think those are also cool to see.
One of these is across the river in Kentucky. Meh.
So this photo is huge and I hope it doesn't wreak too much havoc on your browser,
but to make it any smaller makes the photos too small to see well.

My kind of urban art. And look! There's the ArtWorks signature.

And my absolute favourite one of all. I've never really managed
to get a decent pic of this mural, but that's not going to stop
me from trying as often as possible.


Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

This is simply magical! Man, I wish they allowed for such creativity where we live. Here, we are stuck with political posters or movie posters at best.


Su Wilcox said...

@Roshan: What a bummer! This is definitely one of the best things about Cincinnati. Makes our (frequent) rainy and cloudy days a little brighter!