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24 June 2011

It's Too Early for That!

I was standing waiting for the bus and I thought, "I should listen to my iPod out while I'm waiting." I reached for my backpack and then realised that the music I was hearing was not just in my head, but was in fact coming from the iPod that I was already wearing.

It was hiding on my head the whole
time. And since my photography
skills are, erm, non-existent, it reads,
"See Su Run."
Further proof that I'm going prematurely senile.

Speaking of things that are premature... a few days ago The Weed wrote a nice post about his patch of grey hair, and a couple of days later I had a Twitter chat with Mia about going grey... you might say that grey hair is on my mind. You might mean it literally when you say it, too, because I have this grey streak on the left side of my head (and a slightly smaller one starting on the right side). Both my husband and Mia pointed out that Rogue on X-Men has a white streak, so I'm beginning to think I should just go all-in and make it a complete white streak all the way down to the end my hair, so it at least looks like it's there on purpose. Goodness knows I can't get it to stay any other colour (and trust me, I've tried!).

Okay, so the grey hair probably isn't premature. My mum started going grey about my age, but I always thought that was from continuous exposure to my eccentric father, which is enough to bring on early grey to even the most tolerant of heads. Clearly, some of it seeped into the gene pool. Dangit. (My brother & sister, BTW, still have perfectly obedient brown hair. Some people have all the luck.)

I know I'm not the only one! What do you do that hints that you might be growing older disgracefully?


Anonymous said...

Oh I don't know, how about wandering out of my junkroom/office with my reading glasses on and thinking to myself I should take a look at the paper and then spending half an hour looking for my glasses which, if you'll recall, are on my stupid face!!!

Laura said...

I can't even begin to go through my list! I'll give you one anyhow. I can't count how many times I've come into my office to do something on my computer and, in the time it takes me to sit at my desk, forget what I was going to do. I then get distracted by checking email, facebook, blogs, etc. Hours later, I will remember what I needed to do...and then the cycle starts all over again! *sigh*

Linda Fischer said...

I've done both those things! In addition, I've tried to dye my dark brown (almost black) hair so that it would be auburn looking. All that happened is that my "lovely" grey patch (nothing so classy as a streak!) became bright orange and the rest of my hair stayed dark brown...

Gina Blechman said...

Aging is all in how you handle it. There's nothing that says gray hair is any less 'gracious' than brown. :-)

<3 Gina Blechman

erica and christy said...

I was in my teens when I started finding random single grey hairs mixed in with the brown. I'll be 36 tomorrow and for the past several months, I've tried pullling them out as they've multiplied, but they've now officially won the war. It's time to decide whether to color or just go all-out.

And my problem is movies. I either tune-out or fall asleep, because quite often at the video store, I'll suggest a movie to my husband and he'll be like "We saw that last week" and I'm like "REALLY?".

Alison Stevens said...

I actually like my few gray hairs. They're little bits of silver in with the brown and gold, and for some reason, I like the way they stand out. So I was not pleased when my husband lovingly reached over during a romantic dinner a few weeks ago and yanked one. Guess he doesn't like them as well as I do. >.<

Su said...

@mybabyjohn: I've never lost my glasses on my face, but if I take them off and forget where I put them, I have to have my husband come find them for me because I can't see them.

@Laura: I'll walk back and forth between two rooms of my house four or five times before I finally remember what I was going after in the first place! And we're talking about five steps between the two; it's not a big apartment!

@Linda: Oh, my. I hope you like orange.

@Gina: Hmmm. I may have to find another way to be ungracious, then. ;)

@erica: Alas, I do the same.

@Alison: I have a few not in the streak that like to stand on end! I admit that I've threatened to yank my husband's grey hairs, but I've never followed through!

JEFritz said...

Thanks to denial, I'm not aging at all.

Su said...

That's a much better plan. I'm doing that from now on!