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10 June 2011

Oh, Is it 2012 Already?

There's a reason I'm not into politics. The name-calling and the showboating and so on drive me mental. I do my research, I vote, and I spend the rest of the time changing the channel when the talking heads show up. Needless to state, I'm not a member of a political party, preferring to vote for a candidate, not a party.

The backdrop of the studio where the
forum (and the filming) took place. It
used to be where Austin City Limits
was filmed.
I went to a forum on Wednesday night with four 2012 Texas candidates for the US Senate. They were all Republicans, and for the most part, they all agreed on pretty much everything. Even when they prefaced their remarks with "And here's where I differ from my colleagues," they didn't really disagree that much. So I left feeling like if I decide to vote in the Republican primary (Texas is an open primary state; I can choose either ballot next March), I should just draw straws.

So, anyway, in case you came round to see what I thought of the Texas Senate candidates, here's a rundown (if not, just skip to the end):

Former Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams: Looks cranky. Talks much too loudly. And he called for the abolition of the EPA during the course of the forum, among other things that made me say, "What??". Now, I'm one of those earth-loving granola people you always hear about (that means I make my own granola, right?), so I can safely say I'm not voting for this guy.

This has nothing to do with the post,
it just goes well with the picture of
the studio.
Former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert: Has a very soothing voice. Said nothing that made me roll my eyes, so that's something.

Texas Railroad Commission Chair Elizabeth Ames Jones: Okay, I know that a political campaign is all about selling yourself to the voters. You are the product. I get it. But good grief, when your answer to every question is "I already did that," you start to sound like Al Gore. Self-promotion aside, she "um"s a lot, which I foresee being a turn-off to some people. Better shake that habit soon.

Former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz: Also big into the self-promotion. Claims to have graduated from college 20 years ago, which makes me think he has a painting in an attic somewhere. From a distance, he looks a bit like Robert Sean Leonard, but up close he doesn't. And I know that for sure, because I rode in the elevator with him up to the studio. (Not just him: it's not like the two of us were awkwardly staring at each other, or something. It was a very full elevator.)

So, there you have it! The tone of this post probably came across kind of negative, because I really don't do the political scene that much, but it's events like this that made me want to move to a capitol city in the first place. So as this excruciatingly-long election season wears on (seriously, Election Day is still 17 months away), I hope to catch more events like this. Just don't expect that I'll refrain from mocking.

Have you ever gone to any kind of political forum/rally/event? What was it like? Or if not, do you think you ever will?


Anonymous said...


anthony stemke said...

No, prefer to read about candidates and check their record.

erica and christy said...

I've been tempted since I'm near a college town and candidates seem to visit (inc. presidential) - but then I remember that they're crazy (the events, not the politicians, although...) and never actually go. Plus, some of the stuff they say really pisses me off (hope that's okay to say!)

Su said...

@mybabyjohn: Short & sweet. :)

@anthony: That has been my preferred record for many years. After this election cycle, we'll see where I come down. ;)

@Erica: Totally cool. They piss me off, too. This event was really calm-- it was for TV, after all-- so I don't know how I'll like a crazy event. I'm sure opportunity to find out is coming my way.