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30 June 2011

You're Doing it Right!!

Here's a nice bit about writing that my husband found. Take heart, writers!


nutschell said...

hi su!
I've given you a BLOG AWARD. Feel free to drop by anytime to pick it up. Just a little something to brighten up your day. :)

warm regards,

The Golden Eagle said...

Great video. :)

Su said...

@nutschell: Woo! An award! :D

@Eagle: I thought so, too!

Kerri said...

I followed the "you might also like" link from this post to your Oct. '10 post on Stephen King and "On Writing." It's funny - I've been a near-closet SK-lover since my teens (good Christians don't like SK, don't you know), but his writing can be brilliant! Thanks for that and this post's reminder. Thanks also for the info. in your comment today re: the actress in "Narnia" - I didn't know that re: the set - what a marvelous idea, and how much fun that must have been for her.

Su said...

I'm too easily freaked out to read SK! My imagination does just fine without help. :/ So, I wasn't aware that Christians don't read him... that's funny.

Kerri said...

My kind don't, anyway - he glorifies hell! (So they say.) But I am out of the closet, now! And yes, his stuff is VERY creepy. I'm so glad you came back for another visit - I love having you! That really is cute re: the mp3 player - my brother will like that - we see all those movies together (and X Men, and Harry Potter...).

Kerri said...

Yikes - "the kind from which I am bred" I should have said. Something like that.

Su said...

Totally understood! ;) I'm sure "my" kind don't, either, but the question just never arose for me.

Clarissa Draper said...

What a great video. I never though about Shakespeare and his "To Be Or Not To Be" quote.

Su said...

Oh, yeah, I LOL'd at that bit!

Deborah Walker said...

What a nice lady. I feel great after listening to that.

sparquay said...

Man, I'm doing it wrong then!

Haha, I haven't written anything really in so long. Apart from sermons. And my poor blog is so neglected.
I'm still trying to figure out how to balance life with a full time job, family and church responsibilities! I haven't really included much of my many extracurricular (can you use that term when you're no longer in school?) activities.

Su said...

@Deborah: Cool!

@sparquay: My writing schedule has been dismal of late as well. And you can totally use extracurricular when you aren't in school.