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13 June 2011

Run Away!

Today, Chad and I begin Week 5 of our 26-week training plan for a half-marathon in November. In case you're wondering: Yes, that is unusually long for a training plan for anything. But by doing it this way, we've given ourselves plenty to time to get back up to speed (quite literally) and start off with low mileage. Which is totally necessary, because we've been lazy for mumble mumble mumble and need to build back up to where we once were.

Not my finest running hour.
The truth is, it's easy to hit snooze when the alarm goes off. It's easy, when facing a hill, to stop and walk. (We live in a part of town called University Hills-- believe me, it's called that for a reason.) It's super-easy to call it off altogether when the mercury creeps above 90 (and I do-- 89 degrees is my upper temperature limit for running). But, as I chant to myself when the going is rougher than I want it to be, the only way to make running easier is to keep doing it.

Just like nearly everything else.

What do you do that gets easier as you go along?


Angela Felsted said...

Laundry. Yes, I know that doesn't build a lot of muscles or keep you in shape. But getting started, for me, is the hardest part.

Anonymous said...

Housework of any description...actually, I haven't really noticed it getting easier.

Su said...

@Angela: Too true! The thought of having to cope with it is worse then actually coping with it.

@mybabyjohn: I suppose you could think of how much harder it would be if it weren't done regularly?

Charmaine Clancy said...

Not running. But I made a little deal that I had to finish writing one chapter a week. That goals getting easier to reach now.
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Jenny said...

All of the above mentioned! And my sewing. I saw a sign the other day that said "I'd be unstoppable, if only I could get started!"

I gave you an award! You can get it and read the nice things I said about you here

Su said...

@Charmaine: Very true! It does apply to writing, as I discover more often than I'd like.

@Jenny: Oh, yeah. It's such a (perceived) hassle to drag out the sewing machine, but it's soooo nice to get it going! And thanks for the award!

Karen Peterson said...

I think that's fantastic!

I plan on running my first half marathon in February (or maybe it's January...) and I know if I don't start training now I'll never do it.

Su said...

Yay for you! I like half-marathons, but yeah, you definitely need to be ready! Otherwise, you'll be plenty miserable.