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17 June 2011

My Week that Was

I so often feel that I have so much going on, so I ought to have tons of things to blog about... not so. I mean, fun things happen, and if I remembered long enough I'd write them down. I do carry a notebook with me, and as I understand it the next step is to take it out and actually use it, yes? I'll work on that. Anyway, here's the boring version:

A few days ago, I decided that sitting around watching TV and reading, while entertaining, were not actually good ways to spend my evening. I posted this on Twitter: "What can a sensible married woman who is completely broke do in Austin on a Tuesday evening?" One of my cousins suggested that I had overlooked one rather obvious recreational activity, and that's when I realised that I hadn't clarified that my husband was in class and I was on my own for the fun things to do.

Downtown Austin on Tuesday night.
I was across 6th Street from Whole
Foods. With the setting sun reflecting
off the buildings, there was a lot more
orange in real life that didn't come
through in the pic. It was pretty cool.
So, I took the bicycle (I'm currently taking suggestions for a name for the bicycle, by the way) and we ventured downtown. We (I; the bicycle had to stay outside) poked around Book People. We (the bicycle; I stayed upright) fell over while standing around chatting with some runners on Town Lake. We (yep, this one's both of us) stayed out for so long that we were riding in the dark on the way back and I'm pretty sure we rode right past a rather large snake on the trail.

And then on Wednesday, I attempted to do the same thing, but got distracted along the way and ended up at Bananarchy (I had a Groupon) 30 minutes before they closed and right after they ran out of bananas. The young lady very kindly extended my Groupon, and added a dollar to it even though I tried to talk her out of it (it wasn't their fault I waited until almost the literal last minute to redeem the Groupon, after all).

On Thursday I did my roaming during the day, because I was on the hunt for the local Mrs. Baird's Bakery Outlet store. Actually, I knew approximately where it was, so it was more a recon mission to find out prices and possibly purchase some bread. And I discovered that their prices are perfect, but they don't take $20 bills. Nor do they have bike racks, although I was able to fix that little problem on my own (huge gate with bars nearby). So, I'll have to go back.

And today... well, today's just a normal day. Bike Texas, then Chad and I are going to have dinner & spend the night with the Election Judge we're working with tomorrow, because she had pity on us having to get across town before 6 AM with nothing but bicycles and bus passes and offered to let us stay overnight with her family and then drive to the site tomorrow morning. Which is really, really kind, especially since I'm already not looking forward to another 12-hour shift as an election worker, so at least I have something about this weekend to look forward to. I mean, I appreciate the pay and the opportunity to serve my community, but still. Twelve hours in one room. Should be "great".

What did you do this week? What should I name my bicycle?


LBJ said...

Always hard to know what to name a bicycle. I think it depends a lot on the bike. I have a Montague folding bike and I toyed with several names including "Gumby" (which didn't seem to fit, since while the bike folds, it's not really flexible) but since my bike is the Navigator model, I decided to go with Henry...so my bike is Henry the Navigator...just like the Portuguese explorer.

Anonymous said...


erica and christy said...

Is there really a store that only sells bananas??

Party Favour said...

I enjoyed reading this....I'm new to blogging and I struggle to make my everyday activities sound exciting to read about but you've made it sound very interesting! I think it should be Brenda the Bicycle

Su said...

@LBJ: Nice! I may have to consider what names go with Cypress (my bike's model).

@mybabyjohn: Also good. "Spokey" is currently in the lead on Facebook, but I'm not wild about that one.

@Erica: Frozen bananas, with an assortment of toppings. Good stuff.

@Rachel: I like the alliteration, but I have an aunt called Brenda so she may not be too impressed!