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21 June 2011

Summer Reading

I had totally intended to do a Teaser Tuesday of Spindle's End, by Robin McKinley, but in a moment of madness I returned it to the library before I remembered to write down a snippet. Or take a picture (this one is stolen from Goodreads). I can't even do an adequate review, so here's the quick and dirty version: It's the story of Sleeping Beauty, only longer, more entertaining, with much more fantasy thrown in, and hardly any pink (unlike Disney's version). It does move very slowly, so if you prefer your fiction fast-paced, this book probably isn't for you. It has mixed reviews on Goodreads, so you'll probably want to check those to get a somewhat more balanced view of the book instead of just my "It's great! Read it!" approach. Having given those disclaimers, I love this book, have read it multiple times, and it's definitely among my favourites. Proceed as you will with this information.

See? Cutesy.
The Austin library is having a summer reading programme, complete with a cutesy name and prizes. So I naturally gathered up as many of the entry cards as possible when I was last there and have already turned in two of them (one entry for every five books read, beginning June 1st and ending August 30th). I'm liking my chances in this contest, given my current "I'm spending the entire summer reading, ner ner ner ner" stance. Of course, I like my chances in most contests that I enter, and am rarely justified in my confidence, but never mind that.

I finished The Great Gatsby and Anne of Avonlea over the weekend, and re-read Sleeping Naked is Green. And I have six books that I'm currently reading, but I many not finish all of them, since they are long and have varying degrees of enjoyability. I object to finishing a book I don't enjoy just because I started it, especially when I have so many other books (158, to be exact) on my to-read list.

What are you reading this week?


Susanna Leonard Hill said...

I loved Spindle's End, and I didn't find it slow even though Sleeping Beauty isn't my favorite fairy tale. I thought it was very well written.

You can tell how much reading time I've have lately... I'm STILL reading Caleb's Crossing which I posted to teaser tuesday 2 weeks ago! In fact, I don't think I've read any more since then...!

Su said...

I feel the same way-- I've never liked Sleeping Beauty until now. :) I mostly throw in the slow-moving disclaimers in acknowledgement of people who don't like long books. For me, the longer the better (if I'm enjoying it), because I'm such a fast reader.

Maybe I should pick up Caleb's Crossing...

Anonymous said...

I'll have to check Spindle's End out. I'm way too busy with JuNoWriMo to read right now. The only thing I've been reading is blog posts, though I did order a Kindle so my reading rates will go up. ;)

Su said...

Nice! My sister has been doing a lot more reading since buying a Kindle. But then, she doesn't have the library addiction that I have. ;)

The Golden Eagle said...

Spindle's End is one of my favorite fantasy retellings, and Robin McKinley is one of my favorite authors. :) I actually just read another retelling by her--Rose Daughter.

Su said...

Cool! I will write that down! Thanks!

mshatch said...

I loved Spindle's End, and Sheri Tepper's Beauty. Patricia McKillip is good, too.

Su said...

My to-read list keeps getting longer...