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25 June 2011

A Quick Recap

I flicked back through some of my past Green Living posts, just to see what I've already covered and what I may have missed. And then I thought, Why not just gather all these tips and stories into one post before going on to new waters?

So, Su's quick and cheeky ideas for living in harmony with the planet and, not at all coincidentally, your pocketbook:

1. Take your own reusable bags to the store. This can include the paper or plastic bag they gave you last time, as well as the canvas bags sold for that purpose.

2. Keep your thermostat higher in the summer and lower in the winter. When you aren't at home, set it even higher (or lower), but no more than 10 degrees higher/lower than your "at home" temperature.

3. Think before taking the car-- could you run that errand on foot or a bike? What about public transportation or carsharing? The same goes for commuting.

4. A reusable water bottle and coffee (or hot drink of your choice) mug are good investments.

5. Think about reusing before recycling or tossing. This may mean thinking before you buy something.

6. Ask for your bills and statements to be sent electronically.

7. Shop at Farmer's Markets (with your reusable bags, of course!).

8. Use thrift stores, Freecycle, Craigslist, or whatever to pass on things you don't want and as a first source for something you do want.

9. When buying new, look for things that are recycled or have recycled parts to reward companies for caring.

10. Hand-wash your dishes, unless you have a dishwasher that meets the current Energy Star standards. If that's the case for you, 1) You lucky dog, and 2) You'll use less water & energy using the dishwasher.

11. When it comes to cleaning products, use less. You can always use more if needed afterwards, but you can't use less shampoo (for example) once it's on your head.

12. Making stuff yourself is fun, rewarding, and cuts down on waste.

13. Composting is totally doable, no matter where you live.

14. Use hankies instead of tissues.

What are your best non-wasting or green living tips?


Anonymous said...

OMG do NOT use hankies instead of tissues...we are SO over that. I can remember my Mom and Gram boiling those dang things every wash day. Yikes.

Su said...

Boiling them? Really? The most trouble I go to is ironing the edges to get more surface area. I just toss them in the regular wash.

Anonymous said...

Awesome tips! I love being green. :) My biggest fear is the world ending, and considering the things we do to the earth. . . it just doesn't help.

Su said...

Me, too! Sometimes I worry that I'm a bit eco-lite, and I could work harder. But then I remember, Of course I could work harder! And I just try to enjoy the things I can do and leave the rest.