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15 June 2011

A Non-Road Trip

A few weeks ago, Charlie asked if we ever go on road trips, since we're car-free. The real answer is that we rent a car if we decide to go somewhere, but the slightly more factual answer is no, we don't go on road trips. I think we've done three in nine years of marriage.

I don't really like road trips. I realise that's un-American, but I don't. Chad says it's because all I can think about are road trips with my family, and you know what? He isn't wrong. I never went on a road trip in my young life that wasn't with my grandparents, squashed into their van so that we could bring every possible thing under the sun with us. And we always had nasty microwaveable sausage biscuits for breakfast before we left. And stops were infrequent enough to be things of wonder: My grandfather, once behind the wheel of a car, was on a mission. A mission that did not include bathroom breaks or Happy Meals or, to my chagrin, side trips. Ever.

Yes, that's what always made me sad about road trips. There were all these other roads, leading to all sorts of other places, and we sailed right past them time after time. I always wanted to turn off onto one, just to see where it led, but I was strongly outvoted.

An actual picture of my "not my road"
So, one day I was on Town Lake Trail with my bike, and I saw a trail leading off in another direction. I started to go right past it, then realised just in time that I don't want to be that much like my grandfather, so I turned. And I followed it, just for the joy of seeing where it went. (Nowhere very exciting, as it turned out, but hey: Baby steps. I have a few generations' worth of "stick to the plan" genes to overcome, after all.)

I was pondering a map of downtown Austin earlier and noticed another trail that forks off of Town Lake. I'm headed out right now to see where it takes me.

Do you ever take the time to leave your course just to see what happens? Is it worth it?


Anonymous said...

It's always worth it....my hubby is a bit like your grandad...he won't go on a dirt road if he can help it cause he doesn't want to stone chip the car.

Su said...

Heh. I think Grandpa would have been really happy if we could have just teleported there-- he was more of a destination guy than a journey guy.

Charlie's Church of Christ said...

I love me some road trips. I went on a 5 month one (Su's hell on earth), and a lesser 40 day one. My wife and I fell in love going on road trips together, and we just talked tonight about making sure we take our daughter on plenty.

Su said...

I'm sure you stopped for bathroom breaks and sightseeing, right? I would enjoy that kind of road trip.

Tracy said...

I rarely ever stay on the road I'm supposed to be traveling...but that's more about me having a horrible sense of direction than a wanderlust to see what else is out there.

Su said...

Hee hee-- whatever it takes!

JEFritz said...

Actually, I'm not a big fan of road trips, either, which is probably a good thing since I think I'd be like your grandfather. I'd have to plan out everything. Although I think I'd throw in a few side trips. On one of the few road trips I have been on, I went to see the world's largest fiberglass prairie dog.

Yes, really.

Su said...

That's BRILLIANT!! Where was it?

Shannon Lawrence said...

I actually like road trips, but I never had to go on one with my grandparents (they did take me on a train ride to a different state once, but all I remember is getting stuck in the snow and having a chunk of snow brought into me to play with on a tray by the conductor--I was probably about 5). I dislike plane rides, though I used to love them, so driving is easier if it's on the western half of the country. Anyway, half the fun is seeing extra things along the way and discovering new areas. I hope your bike trail led you somewhere worthwhile!

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Su said...

I'm not fond of planes just b/c they are so cramped and I'm sure I won't be flying first class in this lifetime! ;) Plus the new TSA groping does not make me happy, so I do see a lot of road trips in my future when we decide to go places. I do, however, like that planes get me there faster than automobiles.