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24 June 2007

And do you know what time we had to get up?

I read at runnersworld.com a couple of weeks ago that chocolate milk has the same electrolyte-restoring properties as Gatorade. And all I have to say to that is-- Halelujah!

So we ran 5 miles today in 1:05. Not a great time, but for me, it is fantastic. :)


Jessica L. Johnson said...

Wow!! I can go three and then I stop! I can't begin to think about doing 5!!!

Su said...

We do take walk breaks, so it's not like we run the whole thing. But I was pretty pleased with us on Sunday.

sparquay said...

One minute and five seconds?!?!?!? That's amazing! That's got to be a record of some sort!

Su said...

Thanks Aaron, I'll keep that in mind when I'm running six miles tomorrow.