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09 June 2007

Denver City Graduation

Since we went to California to see one graduation, we missed several others happening around here. One of those was in Denver City, where some kids I've known for almost eleven years (that sounds soooo long!) graduated. So we went to the graduation party at the church in DC, since we had to miss the ceremony.

I have to say that these are an ambitious bunch of newly-minted adults! Among them are a future doctor, a future pharmacist, a future member of the armed forces (I forget which branch, but I think the air force), and my pal Shannen is going to AIM.

This last one delights me to no end, if for no other reason than she will be in Lubbock for a few months! Shannen is a delightful young woman, and the Lord will surely use her in mighty ways. Her dad said she struggled with the decision, which I totally understand. It's hard to go a different direction than your friends-- especially a direction which may take you halfway around the world.

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