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09 June 2007

South Plains

We started two new series last week at church.

In Bible class, we are beginning a study of some of the minor prophets. I haven't yet memorised the list of prophets we are studying, but we are starting with Amos. I haven't studied Amos since I was in Scotland, so this should be a good study. To start off with, the teacher (Matt; Ken has moved on to calmer pastures. Presumably.) read the first two chapters of Amos from the message, which was pretty cool. Oddly enough, it does not read a lot differently than the NAS. I don't know if this is because it is the Old Testament, or because it is prophecy, or if it is just coincidence.

Sunday evenings for the summer are titled, "Holy Conversations." I don't know where exactly we will go with it, but the first week was good-- Matt (same one from Sunday morning) started by talking about everyone being on a spiritual journey. There is a blog that he is keeping about the class-- look for "Holy Conversations" in the sidebar to join the conversation.

The son of a friend of ours is spending his summer in New York/New Jersey doing some musical outreach-- see his blog in the sidebar as well ("Worldwide Witness").

We had our final Bible bowl sleepover last Friday, and the season officially ended with the banquet on Sunday. I really thought that the smaller group we've had the last few years would be a bad thing, but I have totally changed my mind. Smaller group= Better relationships. And now Chad is talking about getting involved next year. He changes his mind about things so frequently, I need a journal just to keep up with him. :) So we'll see what happens. Next year: 1 Samuel!

When I said "New friends", well, they aren't that new. But we are getting to be much better friends with Joe and Kathy, and we thank God for them regularly!

I read in Beau's blog earlier that he and Krissi have placed membership in a church that they are really enjoying. There is just no substitute to a great church family.


Kar said...

Just out of curiosity: what are Joe and Kathy's last name?

Su said...


Kar said...

Okay; I figured they weren't people I knew, but I thought I'd check. I guess Joe and Kathy are both fairly common names.