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09 June 2007


I have been wanting to post for aaaaages, but life keeps getting in my way. (In fact, I have plenty to do right now, but here we are, me and my iPod. Blogging.) So here is the important stuff, to be expanded upon in subsequent posts. I'll try to keep this one on top. :)

Grandpa: My grandpa gave us all a serious fright last week when the docs said he had acute sepsis and wouldn't last the night. He's still with us, although he has a Staph infection now.

Mobile phones: Yeah, we finally got them. So much for being different.

Denver City: Some kids I've know for a while have graduated.

California: We took a trip to CA to see Chad's family and watch his stepbrother graduate. Congratulations, Alex!

Cline Paden: Cline went to be with the Lord while we were gone, but I was able to go to his funeral when we got back.

Chick-fil-A: The owner of CFA in Lubbock (my former employer), also passed away while we were gone. I missed her funeral and so far haven't managed to talk to anyone at CFA to find out what happened.

Running: Eeek.

Cycling: Not getting any better.

Adoption: Still in the works.

South Plains: Still loving it. Bible bowl banquet, sleepover, new friends, and two summer series that we will probably really get into.

Exodus: Heard something really interesting when listening to it on my iPod one day this week.

There you go! If you want to hear more about any of the above, scroll down and read about it. I've now posted more in one day in June than I did for the entire month of May!


Kar said...

Goodness, you wrote a lot! ;) You have been busy. Incidentally, about the chain story being backwards, you wouldn't know anything about reversing the order of posts? I was thinking of that before you said something, but I don't as yet know hoe.

Kar said...

...Er, that is, "how." (heh)

Su said...

Yo ho! How now brown cow! Et cetera.

You can try changing the dates... I kept that one on top by putting a later time on it than the others.

Kar said...

Hey! That's true! Maybe I'll do that. It's not like the dates on it mean anything anyway; it's all been written over the last five or ten years. Yeesh, is it crazy I've been out of high school almost eight years??

Su said...

Dude. I just hit eleven. Don't rub it in.

Kar said...

I forgot you were older than me. That's okay; God still loves us. :)