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13 June 2007

I scream, You scream

I was chased by the ice cream man the other day. Sort of.

He came up behind me while I was riding home, and I heard his goofy tune for the next half-mile. I presume he was going up and down streets that I was just passing by. Anyway, he finally went by me. I was glad, because that meant I could hear my iPod again instead of "The Entertainer".


Kar said...

Hey, that would make a great horror movie scenario. With a distorted version of "The Entertainer" playing in the background.

I actually like the "The Entertainer."

Su said...

I was thinking that, too. About the horror movie, that is.

Kar said...

If only I had a video camera... Well, if only I had a video camera and had time and know-how to make movies!

Su said...

I hear ya.