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09 June 2007


Cline Paden passed away a few weeks ago. This was in no way a surprise to anyone; he has been failing for a few months now. His gain is our loss-- he will be missed.

His funeral was long but very nice. Really, as much as he accomplished in life (or rather, as much as the Lord used him to accomplish His work), there was just no way the funeral could be any shorter. In fact, it could have been much longer! He was eulogised by family members, friends, and co-workers. And I came away wishing I could have known him better.

Another funeral took place recently that I missed: my employer at Chick-fil-A died quite suddenly (and very unexpectedly) two weeks ago. We were in California on the day of her funeral, so I missed it, and only heard of her passing when we got back.

Life is short! As trite as it sounds, it is appropriate to live each day as if it were one's last, because we are not guaranteed another moment.

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