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09 June 2007

Cycling and Running

Yep, I decided to combine the exercise posts.

So, despite much time spent cycling over the past two years, I really don't feel like I'm getting any better at it. I tell myself at least once a day that it only gets easier if you do it, which is true, but so far I have no proof of that! :) It's still a good way of getting around, that uses no petrol at all. Quite a consideration while the prices continue to escalate.

Running.. ugh. I still hate it. :) I love the feeling I have about 30 minutes afterward, but unfortunately I have to actually go out and do it to get the good feeling. :( This frustration comes partly from doing no running at all for two weeks, then having to pick it up again this week. Also, we had to postpone two runs (Wednesday and today) from morning to evening, which made them all the more miserable. I've certainly learned the merits of getting up at 5:30 to run-- it beats running in 80+-degree weather.

I was working with a woman in her garden today, and we discussed exercise in the course of our conversations. After hearing that I regularly cycle, walk, and run, she said, "You exercise more than anyone I've heard of!" Unfortunately, this time and effort is not paying off in terms of weight loss. I've joined SparkPeople, and online weight-loss site, which I am liking so far. I weigh in on Monday morning; we'll see if we are getting anywhere. (And if you choose to go to SparkPeople, please tell them that cheekysu sent you!)

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