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29 June 2007

What do they keep in areas 1 through 50?

Seriously. Has anyone ever heard about "Area 24?" I think it's time we start asking questions like that.

In the meantime, here's something else to think about. Hollywood makes senility look so funny. The old people in TV or movies who don't know what's going on prove excellent comic relief. Except, they don't. Being confused isn't funny. Losing your self-identity isn't funny. Not knowing at any given moment either what is happening now, nor what will happen next, is not funny.

Yet another thing Hollywood gets wrong.


Kar said...

Is there a show in particular you're thinking of--about the senility?

Su said...

Not really, I just know I see it a lot. What really inspired this post was a little old woman who is a patient of ours, and who is perpetually confused. While it does have its amusing side (at times), it is mostly sad.