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18 March 2011


I'm feeling guilty for neglecting my fellow crusaders, and, well, everybody else, too. And even while on spring break! It wasn't supposed to work out this way!

This in no way resembles
the prize pack I'm sending.
I just liked the picture.
So! To make up for being a horrible follower and also because I'm in a package-sending mood, I'm having a giveaway! Prize pack includes:

Some completely useless stuff I found while cleaning my house today
Some moderately useful stuff, likewise found
Some bookmarks, because I have approximately 583 of them
Some sort of Austin-y souvenir
and 1 random book from my collection

Okay, well, not totally random. Anything I haven't read yet is off-limits. Otherwise, I'm basically going to close my eyes and point. You might get Stephen King; you might get Terry Pratchett; you might get an instruction manual to an appliance I no longer own. That's the fun of the whole deal.

Edited to add: Since I'm using one of those cool "if it fits, it ships" boxes, I've revoked the random in the book selection and decided to make the most of the space in the box. The books are: It, Stephen King; Clear and Present Danger, Tom Clancy; and Rabbit Redux, John Updike.

Oh, and for fellow bloggers, I'll throw open my doors for a guest blog spot.

How to enter? I'm glad you asked! Leave a comment anytime between now and 9 PM CDT Thursday (that's 2 AM Friday morning GMT). Every comment gets you in the drawing +1 times, then my friends at random.org will decide the winner. And to make it even more fun, tweeting or blogging will get you additional entries; random.org will choose how many (between 1 and 10) each time. You might get lucky! You might get peanuts! Leave a link to your tweet/blog/FB mention so I know to give you your extra points.

And BTW, this contest is open internationally. Except perhaps for Timbuktu, because my mother threatened to send me there so many times that I'm not convinced that it's a real place.

Do I have any readers from Timbuktu? Any parents who threaten to send their kids there? Anyone else who was likewise threatened with a vacation in Mali?


nutschell said...
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nutschell said...

I'm pretty sure Timbuktu is a real place. :P And actually, my sister is currently in Mali working as a Peace Corps Volunteer. She says the country has some beautiful spots--and contrary to what we think, there's a lot of green Mali. :)

Su said...

It is a real place, I just didn't know that it was when I was a kid. ;) Beyond Timbuktu being a city in Mali, I don't know anything about it, though. And good for your sister! That's really cool!

J.L. Campbell said...

However did you come by some many book markers?
Care to send a few dozen my way? Yeah, I read too many books all at the same time. :D Cool contest!

Sylvia Ney said...

Cool contest and great blog! I love bookmarks - can you ever really have enough? One for every book you own perhaps?

J E Fritz said...

Okay, sounds like fun! I'll enter, and I tweeted about it too. You better have enjoyed your spring break!

Su said...

@JL: Every organization on campus hands out bookmarks. And so do all the online textbook-ordering places. I went from 2 bookmarks to dozens in about 3 months last fall. :/

@Sylvia: I'm pretty close to a 1:1 ratio! ;)

@JE: I did! I just didn't get anything done that I intended to do.

Laura said...

Hi - yeah it was always my primary school teachers in wales who threatened to send me to Timbuktu - so say it with a welsh accent and you get more of an idea of what I was threatened with :) giveaway sounds fab - hope you're having fun with it

Su said...

LOL! That's brilliant.

Michelle in a shell said...

Completely irrelevant but I love that image!

Abhishek said...

I am game!!

Mia Hayson said...

Waiiiiit. Am I in Timbuktu? I feel like the postage might be ridiculous if I enter so FEEL FREE to discount me as Scotland is totes far away, possibly FURTHER than Timbuktu??


Su said...

@Michelle: It's one of my favourites. Unfortunately, I now can't remember where I swiped it from.

@All: You're in! :)

@Mia: Scotland is ABSOLUTELY not too far away; I send packages there all the time!!

erica and christy said...

Ooh, yeah, I could use a prize pack. :)

Two years ago, I gave my teenage nephews a huge box of my Stephen King books and now I want them back - I miss them!!

Su said...

Are they reading them? Perhaps you could sneak into their room during a family gathering and steal them back. ;)