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11 March 2011

Southwest It Is!

I desperately wish that I had all sorts of interesting things to tell you about this week. Alas, I do not. I mean, things have been happening, but I've mostly been reading or writing a paper while those things were happening, so I kind of missed them. And while I'm hysterically grateful that we have spring break, I kind of wonder if we'd be better off without it, since all my instructors piled on the projects/papers/tests in the two weeks before break, apparently out of kindness so we needn't be working on homework over break, but with a total lack of foresight about the state of our stress levels during those two weeks.

Yay, Austin!
Anyway. South by Southwest is in town! That's right, Austin is in its annual frenzy wherein writers, bloggers, technology gurus, musicians, filmmakers, and networkers all converge on downtown for nine days. In other words, if you were planning a casual trip to Austin this weekend, you may want to rethink that strategy.

Last night, the traffic downtown was unreal. Chad & I were headed to a meeting, but in the end we might have been better off walking (we certainly would have been better off cycling) because of the congestion. And while I enjoy the high-energy feel of it all, I don't enjoy all our buses being packed full of loud, excited conference-goers. I may get a lot of walking and cycling done over the next few days.

But, I do love the energy. I can't get tickets at this point, but there are some outdoor/free events happening that I might catch while I'm enjoying my break from school. Or, I might just go hang out downtown for my own amusement. And I'll probably get lots of novel fodder from people watching and listening.

What's happening in your city this weekend?


Raquel Byrnes said...

Ooh, people watching! I always get stuff from doing that. Don't forget your notebook to jot down weird quirks.
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Mary Vaughn said...

Snow and more snow tossed with a few fish fries for Lent. Slow weekend. I'd rather be in Austin.

Charlie's Church of Christ said...

like Mary we are loving snow! And I have to admit Su your posts make me NEVER miss college.

Su said...

@Raquel: Thanks for the reminder-- I'm sticking a notebook in my bag right now! I'm always forgetting something important when I go out.

@Mary: I'd love a good fish fry, but you can have the snow! Spring has arrived in Austin & I'm loving it.

@Charlie: Dang! I've been trying to make college sound as fun as possible...oh, well. It's one type of stress or another, it seems; I just rarely blogged about it when I was working.

Lisa Potts said...

I've almost talked myself into going back to college this fall, but I'm not quite sure how it will fit into my already busy life.

We're dealing with floods here, so most of the downtown streets are closed and not very user friendly no matter what type of transportation you are using.

Hope you get to some of those free events. Sounds like fun!

Su said...

Ick. Floods = bad! :(