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10 March 2011

Support Your Local Cranky Fairy!

I'm not sure what my muse looks like, but I kind of think of her as a cranky fairy. A cross between:

a really cute and sweet angel, and a grumpy Muppet who lives in a rubbish bin.

And she's been working overtime these past couple of weeks, helping me get through the pre-spring break crunch of papers (although if my last paper today is anything to go by, she signed off a day early).

For a while, my muse would only work between 11 PM and 2 AM. This was during NaNoWriMo, and while I tolerated it for the month of November and indeed the remainder of the fall semester, I told her in no uncertain terms that I refused to keep meeting her in the middle of the night. It's taken a while and the promise of nice caffeine in the mornings, but I finally have her back to working at 6 AM when I am working.

And now with spring break upon me (Hooray!), I'll need her to work all hours of the day for a few days. I still need to get the complementary printed copy of my NaNo novel before the offer expires, and I'd like to have something that isn't complete rubbish to print. So, on my agenda for spring break:

1. Do something clever with my NaNo novel.
2. Write a 500-word essay about cycling for a contest.
3. Finish a baby blanket for an 18-month old so I can begin on one for his soon-to-be sibling.
4. Read.
5. And read some more.
6. And then read for fun, because those first two were for homework.
7. Oh, yeah, and I do have some homework to do.
8. And I have a couple of short stories to finish.
9. And start studying for the GRE.
10. But I'm definitely going to do some sleeping in.

My muse had better appreciate the care, feeding, and extra sleep, because she's going to be on duty a lot. Perhaps I should remind her that I work more hours than she does. ;)

What about you? Does your muse have a preferred time of day?


Charlie's Church of Christ said...

my muse likes the night, though sometimes the muse gets too sleepy. So I try to encourage the muse to not procrastinate, but it is just too slow during the day, very inefficient. and so I push it...

Su said...

What is it with these nighttime muses??

Joanne said...

My muse seems to like between 9pm and 1am during the week when I have to get up at 5!

Su said...

Yikes! Maybe at the muse-training college they make them stay up all night long. :/

Michelle in a shell said...

Your muse seems adorable :) And I feel you re: whats the point of spring break, considering it's never really a break!

Su said...

Spring break is such an entrenched tradition that it's never going away, but in the fall we had a few long weekends instead of a whole week. Much better system, I think!

Cally Jackson said...

My muse usually wakes up just as my head hits the pillow and then refuses to let me go to sleep or, even more frustratingly, let me remember anything she said the next morning.

Su said...

That's the habit I'm trying to get mine out of... she hasn't done it lately. Here's hoping yours starts behaving reasonably, too. ;)