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09 March 2011

What-To-Do Wednesday

So, my foray into book reviewing has come to an end. At least for now.

I'm not particularly good at it, I keep reading that aspiring authors shouldn't review books publicly, and the book reviews aren't getting that much interest, anyway. And did I mention that I'm not really good at it?

So, my Wednesdays at Cheekyness are now wide open. What shall I fill them with? Good question. Any suggestions in the comments, please.

In the meantime: Writing. Specifically, NaNoWriMo.

For some crazy reason
having to do with the
calendar, NaNoWriMo.org
 does not yet have 2011
badges. Sheesh.
Yes, I realise that we only just had NaNo and the next one doesn't (thank goodness!) start for 7 1/2 (and a bit) months. Plus, I am a slow mover and haven't yet even collected all my prizes for winning the last one. But I'm thinking ahead, because...

... there are a few Longhorns (that's my university mascot) who do NaNo, but we aren't particularly organized. Back in November, it was all, "Hey, why don't we all get together?" "Yeah, great idea!" "Anybody know a good place?" "Well, there are a few coffee shops. Or on campus. Anywhere, really." "Yeah, I'm good with anywhere but not until after 4:38 PM on Friday." "I'm not free until 5:07 on Friday." "Where are we meeting?" And so on. I finally jumped in and said, "Write-in at X coffee shop at 6 PM Friday!" And for the next week, got comments back like "Wait, was this last Friday? Or this Friday?"

So. We need some organization. We need someone to be in charge. We need someone who likes calendars and coordination. And that someone, my friends, is going to be me. (Shocker, I know.)

Well, me and a co-conspirator. And I have found such a conspirator in my friend TARDIS girl (new nickname coming soon), who tells me that she has attempted NaNo multiple times but has never won, she had no idea there was an Austin NaNo organization (one of the most active ones in the world, mind you!), nor that we had write-ins on campus last fall. And she wants some support to get through the great world of NaNo-ing in 2011.

So, I'm going to quite literally give it the old college try and start a student organization on campus, with some ├╝ber-original name like "Longhorn Wrimos". And come next November, we'll have write-ins and another thread on the Austin forum on the site and at least two contact people and it will all be swell.

I can't be the only person planning this far ahead; who already has at least one Christmas gift bought?


Happily Cheesy said...

Wow. Well, get a jump on the year will you? =) Nano is too much fun to condense into a single month anyway.

Su said...

That's what I say. Plus, to be an official student organization I'm required to plan ahead. :)

Mary Vaughn said...

I can't believe you're thing tat far ahead. Good for you.
On other other hand with the way the year is flying by you may be organized just in time.

JEFritz said...

Way to plan ahead! Maybe you are the right person to be in charge!

I haven't bought anything for Christmas, but I am planning for Father's Day. I think I've mentioned why, though!

Cherie Reich said...

No Christmas gifts bought yet, but I've been planning my NaNoWriMo 2011 novel since before NaNoWriMO 2010. I need to sit down and write out the outline, though, so I can see if it'll be long enough to write 50,000 words (it's a MG/lower YA Urban Fantasy novel). If I don't think it'll be long enough, then I'll have to go to plan B. *laughs*

I'm glad to hear other people plan ahead too!

Su said...

@Mary: Tell me about it. :/ Scary, huh?

@JE: Good point; I should probably do the same.

@Cherie: Cool; at least we're both (more or less) on the same page!

Michelle in a shell said...

That's awesome! I tried to unofficially do nano in January which led me to writing a blog. I didn't know you actually win things besides a badge though. Go you!

Su said...

This year, there was a discount for Scrivener and a free printed copy of your NaNo book. I need to get a move on to get my book!

Cally Jackson said...

As a fellow aspiring author who reviews books, I'm interested in where you heard this was a bad idea? Potential food for thought!

Su said...

It's been flowing around a lot of blogs, although at this exact moment I can't remember which specific ones. I imagine it's findable on Google.