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09 January 2010

Below Freezing

So, it's the second Saturday of the the month, and if you're keeping score at home, you know that means that the West Texas Running Club-- at least, those of us with little to no sanity-- had a race today in the just-a-bit-too-cold temps.

I don't usually do a warmup. In the world of Su, that's what the first mile of the race is for. I'm a slow runner and am usually not out to prove much beyond the fact that this chubby short girl, is, in fact, marginally faster than she looks. So, I save all my running for after the airhorn blows.

Today, I warmed up. And I'm so thankful that I did; during the warmup, my face was feeling like it was on the verge of frostbite. (It wasn't; that's just how I felt.) But that meant that my face was reasonably warm already when the race began, thus saving myself that very uncomfortable feeling.

So, I went and found some other uncomfortable feelings as a substitute: My eyes were watering, hence my nose was running, and I was concerned about the snot freezing on my face. And, I went out too fast, so I made up for that by running mile two even faster. Yeah, I can be a bit dumb sometimes.

No PR for me today-- but I wasn't expecting one. And now I'm looking forward to a leisurely 10-mile easy run tomorrow. The marathon beckons.

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