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05 January 2010

Resolved: Learn something new

As previously (I think) mentioned, I've applied to university to start in the fall of 2010.

Once that starts, I probably won't be reading anything but textbooks for a few months. But until then, I'd like to expand my current reading repertoire. To this end, I have three reading-related resolutions:

1. Check out a new book from the library every month. And by "new", I mean newly-released. I'm afraid this means I'll be reading a lot of political drivel, but I will certainly do my best to do some research so I can avoid that stuff.

2. Check out (or buy) one classic every month. I'm sadly lacking in my reading of the classics, because there are only so many that you can get in school. Even one per semester, starting in 6th grade, only gets you 14 books, and I didn't get nearly that many because we got a Shakespeare play every year as well. And rightly so, but that takes my list of other books down to seven. And at least one of those (Great Expectations, if you're keeping score) I read about two chapters of, then watched the movie instead, because I hated it. I hope I have more luck with other classics than my 14-year-old self had with Great Expectations.

3. Check out (or buy) one book from The Big Read every month. Now, there may be some overlap with the classics here, but hey, I don't mind that at all. The Big Read is a result of a survey taken in the UK about 10 or so years ago (they may have updated it since then, but I have the list from 10 years ago) of people's favourite books; the top 200 made it on the list. Of the 200, I've read 31. I have several on the list marked that I'm particularly interested in reading, but out of sheer laziness, I haven't gone to the library to get any of them. So, that's about to change.

In other words, I see myself spending some time at the library in the first seven or eight months of 2009. After that, it'll have to be a reward for doing so well on my exams. :)

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