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02 January 2010

Resolved: See other people.

Yep, I'm part of the movie generation, no matter how much I refrain from participating, which means I love sequels. Apparently.

So! My next resolution is kind of reactive, I guess. I've probably mentioned before that I love South Plains, the congregation we are a part of. It's a loving, friendly, entertaining bunch of people who have been family to Chad & I for our entire marriage. (Yep, I went to the trouble to look it up: February 17, 2002, was the day we first set foot in South Plains. We placed membership two months later, on April 27th.)

But for all that I love South Plains, I must admit: We aren't good with strangers. There was a sketch that was popular at youth rallies when I was in high school, in which a group of Christian teens would be in a huddle singing a song about how much they loved each other, while some other teens on the outside were trying to join in, with no success. South Plains is that group, to some extent; we love each other & forget that we can let others in.

I knew this from our own entry to South Plains. I love it so much now that it's easy to forget the frustration of those first few months, but I was quite forcibly reminded of it recently by another new person, who I had overlooked for months. I had no idea, until recently, that I'd joined the ranks of those who don't see the "new" people.

So! All that to say, I've resolved to look around & meet at least one new person every Sunday. I'm sure this will lead to some embarrassment at the beginning, when I inadvertently "meet" the same person three or four times. However, I can't continue to ignore other people in this congregation that has so blessed my life. It's not right to enjoy those blessings and not pass them on.

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Margo Kelly said...

I'm curious to know how this worked out? Did you follow through with this goal? I too have strived in a similar way, but then I get busy, and forget. *sigh*