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06 January 2010

Heard in Journeyland

So, we're back to shepherding kids around for eight weeks, and we got first graders again this go-round. We've now been doing this long enough that for a lot of these kids, we 1) already had their older siblings, or 2) are friends with their parents, or 3) both. I especially like having the children of friends. It's amazing how quickly, "Do I need to speak to your mother?" works with six-year-olds.

Anyway! Tonight we were talking about the start of the church in Acts 2-3, and the teacher was explaining that the church is not a building. The kids were a bit puzzled by this, and at least one of them insisted that the church is, in fact, the building we were in. The teacher was trying to get them to think it through (or at least make good guesses)

Teacher: What do you think the church is?
Girl: A holy place to worship.
(Class: Looks puzzled)
Teacher: Do you think this building is a holy place?
(Class: Continues looking puzzled)
I: I hope not, the way you all run around & scream in here sometimes.
(Teacher: Snickers)
Girl: I do not!

Just in case you were wondering: Oh, yes, she does.

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