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28 January 2010

Heard in Journeyland, Again

I love our Journeyland group! These kids are so fun!

On Sunday morning, one of them started dancing along to their memory work songs. Not exactly dance music, but so what?

Wednesday, we walk in to the room & there are four kids hopping around in circles on one foot, and one kid sitting in his seat with a bewildered look on his face.

Seated kid: We need a teacher to make them calm down!
Me: Ta-daa! Here I am!

And then I got the kids running round in circles to burn off some of that energy. So much for calming down. Ha!

I then led them in an action song, to get them singing & transition into memory work. Which they did, but by then they were so into circling the room, that they continued walking round in a circle, which I was perfectly happy to let them do until about 7:05, when I called a halt & brought them all over to sit down. I did this on purpose to give them plenty of time to move from active & silly to seated & quiet, since we kept talking for a few minutes about nothing whatsoever before talking about prayer requests. (The teacher was late; we don't usually have time for this much stuff!)

And yet, even with that much time to settle, they were having a hard time listening to one another (and me!), so I finally pulled out the big guns: "If we can't be seated & listen, we'll just have to all sit & stare at a wall during class to practise being quiet." (We were in the movie room; they would have missed the movie if I'd had to follow through.)

That did it.

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