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23 January 2010

Heard in Journeyland

Yes, this will be a never-ending series, for as long as I am doing anything with children!

(The children at church are collecting money for some supplies for a church in Peru.)

1st girl: I brought some money for Peru!
I: Great!
2nd girl: Me, too! I have a whole pocket in my purse full of money!
I: Wow. Did your parents give you money to make sure you had some to bring with you today?
2: Yeah, a little, but some of it was money I had saved up.
I: Good for you! That's very kind of you to give some of the money you have saved.
1: I have money saved, too! I have $16!
I: That's great! Are you saving for college? Because you should probably start.
2: I'm not saving for college. I'm saving for a car.
1: Yeah, me too.

So in our class of seven-year-olds, there are two very wise girls saving for a car. I hope their parents tell them about college. Soon.

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