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10 January 2010

One week down; 51 to go

I decided a few days ago that if my manuscript of New Year's Resolutions is to become more than a mere manuscript, I must actually review it regularly. As in, daily.

So, I read it over again this evening. The result is not quite as disenheartening as I had feared.

You see, I thought this week was pretty dismal in terms of reaching my resolutions. I thought I had made no progress at all. And for a couple of things-- notably, Bible reading & prayer, that is true. But for other things, it wasn't so bad.

I missed a run this week. So I probably won't meet my monthly mileage. But I got the others in.

I didn't cycle every day this week, because of the cold and some work activities. But I did cycle the other days, so my mileage goal for January is not lost.

I certainly didn't walk every day this week. Funny how the cold will put you off! But I did walk twice, which is twice more than last week.

I met some new people at South Plains. And probably weirded them out, because I do that. (Not on purpose!) We started Journeyland. I started a new-to-me book. All steps in the right direction.

So, it's a process. I'm not off to a horrible start. And I did begin The Bible in 90 Days tonight, 10 days later than intended.

One week down. Fifty-one to go. Bring it on.

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