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Some days have themes. I don't necessarily post something in each of these topic areas every week.

Sunday: Church-related or spiritual things.
Monday: Running.
Tuesday: Books.
Wednesday: Transportation.
Friday: Green living.

29 January 2010

Friday Countdown

Vancouver Olympics: 14 days
Austin Marathon: 16 days
Ash Wednesday: 19 days
First Day of Spring: 50 days
The Great H.O.G.G. Race: 57 days
Easter: 65 days


Melissa said...

I have to tell you that your countdown actually gave me a boost. It is exciting to realize that Ash Wednesday, Spring and Easter are so near! I am also looking forward to all your enthusiasm that I am sure you will share both here and on FB as the Olympics occur! Have a great day.

Su said...

It makes me happy every week to see spring getting closer. :)