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03 January 2010

Resolved: Need more miles

So, health-related resolutions (lose weight, eat better, exercise more) are consistently at the top of the U.S.'s collective resolution list, as any survey, news report, or know-it-all coworker will tell you.

I'm not resolving to lose weight. Not because I don't need it (dang holiday pounds!), but because that road only leads to frustration. So, I'm skipping the "Lose 10 pounds by spring" madness in 2010.

Nope, my fitness resolutions have a bit more, shall I say, edge:

Running: 1000 miles. I was going for this in 2009, but got distracted. Not this year, baby.

Cycling: 900 miles. I met my 2009 goal (800 miles) by 1.5 miles. On New Year's Eve. But this year, I have the sweet bike and am already equipped with cold-weather gear. Bring it on.

Walking: 350 miles. I've been doing the "Walk to Rivendell" thing for a couple of years; I made it from the Shire to Parth Galen in 2008 by counting all my fitness miles. I tried getting as far as Rivendell in 2009 (459 miles) using just my walking mileage, and didn't make it. And if you can count, you will notice that meeting my goal this year will also not get me to Rivendell, but I've decided that running & cycling get priority & walking is strictly on the side.

I also have time goals written down for any distance I might conceivably run this year. But the only ones I'm really intending to work on are my 5 and 10Ks: sub-30 minutes for the 5K & sub-1 hour for the 10K. And I'll get right on that as soon as I recover from my marathon.


milissa said...

I will say it again..you are truly an inspiration. I don't really do the New Year's resoulution thing. But this year, I have decided that my health can not wait...and this will be the year that I will do what it takes to make sure I am everything that God inteded me to be. I know He loves me where I am at...but He has bigger things yet for me to do...I just know it. I like the goals you set for your fitness regime...I don't see myself doing that this year, but Lord willing, maybe we can run a few next year! Love you girl!

Su said...

Good for you! You can do it!