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01 January 2010

Resolved: A bunch of stuff

I'm good at goals. In fact, I'm great at goals.

And I know this, because I've had essentially the same goals for the past 10 years. See, I can hang on to a goal like nobody's business.

My list of New Year's Resolutions is currently a two-page document, but it's not quite as dramatic as all that; quite a bit of those two pages are dedicated to a game plan to actually meet some of my goals. Altogether, I have 9-ish goals for 2010. And since this blog is dedicated to, well, my life & thoughts, I'll just spend a few posts expanding on them. :) Plus, as ever, getting it out in public, even if only for a couple of people to see, makes it more "official".

So, here's the first one: Daily Bible reading

I haven't done daily Bible reading as such for a couple of years. There is a reason, albeit a dumb one; I had a great plan going, kept in pretty good rhythm, had the habit down, etc. until I started studying intently for Bible bowl a few years ago. Then I finished Bible bowl, and I got into a rhythm again, then got interrupted for another Bible class I was studying for. So, essentially, my daily Bible reading kept getting messed up for more intense Bible study. But, this past year I've done neither, and it's time for a change.

I've been waffling between going back to my old plan or trying out the "Bible in 90 Days" plan that a couple of people have mentioned online. I printed the "90 Days" bookmark today, so I guess that's the one I'm going with. :) After 90 days, which should be April 1st, I'll do something else. Or, I'll have decided that I like this plan so much that I'll do it over again.

Come back later for resolutions 2-9.

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