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07 April 2016

F is for Fiddler

Source: Wikipedia
Fiddler on the Roof

Originally opened on Broadway September 22, 1964

Currently: The fifth Broadway revival opened December 20. The Australian tour just opened in Sydney last month.

Music: Jerry Bock

Lyrics: Sheldon Harnick

Book: Joseph Stein

BasisTevye and his Daughters, Sholem Aleichem

Everybody knows about: It's referenced so often in pop culture it's probably easier to say what everyone doesn't know, but I'm gonna go with "Sunrise, Sunset."

I have thoughts: This was the first musical I ever heard of. My mother has a Fiddler music box that plays "Tradition," and I think she must have also owned a cast album from the show, because I knew it very well long before I even knew what musicals were. I've never asked her, but I would be unsurprised to hear that this is my mother's favourite musical. As for me-- it's definitely in the top five. I love this show so much.

Have you seen Fiddler? Any idea why that guy insists on hanging out on Tevye's roof?

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