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26 April 2016

V is for Victor and Victoria


Source: Wikipedia.
Originally opened in tryouts in Minneapolis in June 1995, then opened on Broadway October 25, 1995.

Currently: Can't find a thing. Presumably, it's playing in a regional theatre somewhere.

Music: Henry Mancini & Frank Wildhorn

Lyrics: Leslie Bricusse & Frank Wildhorn

Book: Blake Edwards

Basis1982 film Victor Victoria

Everybody knows about: Julie Andrews plays a woman playing a man playing a woman.

I have thoughts: I've fairly certain I've seen the movie, but maybe I should see it again just to be sure. I first heard of this show when it went to Houston on tour in 1998; Julie Andrews coming to Texas was a source of excitement for me, although she was inaccessibly far away since I was stuck in Lubbock at the time.

Should I just go all-in and do a Julie Andrews themed A to Z Challenge next year? That seems to be where I'm headed with this one.


Deepa said...

Wow, play descriptions, synopsis and reviews! Nice! A nice break from movie reviews and book reviews! Hopping over from the A-Z!

Deepa’s Kaleidoscope

Su Wilcox said...

Hello and welcome! I've done the book review thing, decided this year was going to be all about my next favourite thing-- theatre. Thanks for stopping by!