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16 April 2016

N is for Next

Somewhere, there has to be a pic of
shirtless Aaron Tveit from this show.
But this one works, too.
Also, yes, this is the second time in the
A to Z Challenge that I've shared a pic
of Aaron Tveit.
Source: Pinterest.
Next to Normal

Originally opened on Broadway April 15, 2009, after a short off-Broadway run

Currently: In regional theatres.

Music: Tom Kitt

Lyrics & Book : Brian Yorkey

Everybody knows about: I'm not sure that everybody knows about this show, which is a shame.

I have thoughts: This show is basically my life anthem right now. I went months last year during which I basically couldn't get out of bed without turning the soundtrack on. Some days I still feel like that. Good thing "Just Another Day" is the first song. Since it is a tremendously sweary musical, I'll repeat my usual warnings that I'm not to be held responsible if you choose to investigate and you get offended. I did warn you! (My favourite song, "Light," contains no swearing and is a good one if you just need a pick-me-up.)

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