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25 April 2016

U is for Urinetown

Another musical about a revolution.
How many of those am I up to now for
this A to Z challenge?
Source: Theatre Arlington.
Urinetown: The Musical

Originally opened Off-Broadway on May 6, 2001, transferring to Broadway later that year

Currently: I ran across a couple shows while Googling. If you're in Arlington, Texas, or Salem, Oregon, you can go see some actors not pee in your neighborhood.

Music: Mark Hollmann

Lyrics: Mark Hollmann & Greg Kotis

Book: Greg Kotis

Everybody knows about: They have to pay to pee.

I have thoughts: I've never seen this one, but it's hard not to appreciate a musical that's one long parody of so many things, including my beloved Les Mis. If it were on near me, I'd probably go see it.

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