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08 April 2016

G is for Grease

Okay, so the complaints about Aaron Tveit looking
about 15 years too old to be Danny Zuko are
justified. But he's still easy on the eyes and the ears.
Source: Grease Live Facebook page.

Originally opened Off-Broadway February 14, 1972

Currently: Recovering from Grease Live

Music, Lyrics, & Book: Jim Jacobs, Warren Casey

Everybody knows about: The drag race scene in the movie, which is not in the stage version, but inexplicably made it into Grease Live.

I have thoughts: I've seen the school version live, but never the entire stage version, although if all one hears is true, even the regular stage version now incorporates many of the movie elements. Maybe I'll see it someday. In the meantime, whenever any of my friends tell me how excited they are to watch the movie with their young kids, I shriek, "No!!" It's not as clean as you remember, y'all.


Sharlan Proper said...

Thank you for publishing the,"No!" While I was going on about the music, Prof. Randolph gave me an accurate reminder of the story. You are correct, "No!"

Mason Canyon said...

I hate to admit it, but I've never seen the movie all the through. I've only watched bits and pieces of it.

Alex's Ninja Minion

Su Wilcox said...

@Sharlan: Oh, yeah. Not a kid-friendly movie, but sometimes nostalgia makes it appear so.

@Mason: No need to hate to admit it! It's not everyone's cup of tea. The songs are catchy, but the plot is weak.