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09 April 2016

H is for Hamilton

I wonder how much one of these
runs on eBay?
Source: Wikipedia.

Opened Off-Broadway January 20, 2015 and on Broadway August 6, 2015.

Currently: There's like a nine-month wait for tickets. It's not going away any time soon.

Music, Lyrics, & Book: Known genius Lin-Manuel Miranda

BasisAlexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow

Everybody knows about: It's a hip-hop musical about the 10-dollar Founding Father. He's not throwing away his shot.

I have thoughts: The sooner this show goes on tour, the better. (Most people I know are keen to see the original Broadway cast while they're all still originally casting. That's less important to me; I just want to see it.) In the meantime, let's hear that cast album again.

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