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12 June 2010

And the very next day...

After finishing up Journeyland, we took off the next day for our annual pilgrimage to Indiana.

We don't go to Indiana in May on purpose, but for some reason, that's the only time of year that my family can graduate, turn 50, get married, or check into the hospital. This particular trek was to celebrate the graduation of my youngest cousin on my mum's side of the family.

Plane tickets were extortionate this time around, so we rented a car & decided to stop & see people along the way. As soon as Chad got the last child home on the last day of school, we collected & loaded up the car and were on our way to Wichita Falls, where we had dinner with the Stambaughs. We haven't seen them since they moved away two years ago, and the couple of hours we spent with them were entirely too short.

And then we carried on to Oklahoma City, where a blessedly comfortable bed awaited us, even though we arrived in the very small hours.

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