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16 June 2010

Memorial Day

The phrase "herding cats" came to mind many times on Memorial Day.

I thought it would be nice to go to a state park-- we have a couple of them in Indianapolis-- have a picnic, do some hiking, etc. I ran this idea past at least one representative of every family unit, and they all agreed, so I started researching which park would be easiest to get to & planning the menu with Grandma.

It took a few more rounds of phone calls to get everyone on the same page, but by the time we got everyone in agreement, Chad & Denise & I had bought all the necessary food and were headed back to Grandma's to get the cooler ready.

We chose Ft. Harrison Park by virtue of its being closer than Eagle Creek park. And then we took a wrong turn getting of the interstate, making the drive to Ft. Harrison even longer than the drive to Eagle Creek would have been (although there is no guarantee that we would have gone the correct direction getting to Eagle Creek, either).

Lots of laughs while getting the tablecloth out, but that's partly because five adults (I let go long enough to take a picture) were having a hard time between us working out which way it should go. It's impressive we all managed to live to adulthood, really.

So after a very enjoyable lunch (great potato salad & baked beans, Grandma!), we started looking for a trail to hike on. Now, there is one in the woods behind us in the above pic, but Billy didn't like that one. Yeah, I don't know. So, we drove to another trail head for our hike, and it turns out Billy chose a good one. Yep, I have a smart brother, even if I do make fun of him incessantly. (Hey, someone has to do it.)

We all had a go at the rope swing thing, although I did not have much luck with it.

Walking in the woods-- it still amazes me that we manage to tuck parks this size into cities. Good job, city planners.

I didn't take my bike. But I took pics of the shared-use path anyway.

Water. Muddy. Chad wanted to throw me in.

Taking a rest.

Yep, we went up those stairs. And down them. And a bunch more just like them.

Watching a birthday party, complete with piƱata.

Relaxing after a long day of hiking. Grandma doesn't do the "point at your nose" thing for which my sister is famous.

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