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18 June 2010

Holiday World, Part 2

So. We went for another drink, because it was hot out and also because free soft drinks (including water & Gatorade, thank goodness) were included in our ticket prices and by gum, I was going to get every cent out of it that I could. THEN it was time to introduce my niece and nephew to the Scrambler.

It has always been one of my favourite fair rides, and I'm pretty sure they keep it at amusement parks for people like me who don't really have a great love of roller coasters but do possess some nostalgia. Becca wanted to get round to all the adults she doesn't often see, apparently, because after claiming Amanda for The Raven she wanted to be with me on the Scrambler.

I thought Denise might join us on this one, but no, she stayed outside to wave at us as we went by. And once the ride got going (and we had already had a good laugh at the safety drawing inside) I amused myself, and my sweet little niece, by panicking at every direction change: "Oh, no, we're going to crash into the fence!" Oh, no, we're going to crash into the fire extinguisher!" "Oh, no, we're going to crash into Neesee!"

So, once that little diversion got old (didn't take long, as it happened), Becca discovered that the ride was more fun if she raised her hands in the air, so of course, I had to do it, too.

After a go on the scrambler, Chad, Billy & I headed for the swings with Chris & Jakob. Once the swings are up in the air, they tilt, which surprised Chad & Billy. I thought their reaction was funny, mostly because I didn't even notice the tilt.

Then, they boys wanted to move on to the next roller coaster: The Legend. Amanda, Becca & I were not interested, so the rest of the gang headed on while we helped Denise hold the bags.

After The Legend had sufficiently shaken up everyone but the boys (of course!), we headed for a log flume, which we got to have a few turns at, because no one else was in line. I closed my eyes on the drop the first time round, but since it was a short drop, I managed to keep them open the second time.

Much, much later in the day, we passed near the log flume again & Amanda noticed the man who was checking the boats at the top to be sure they were spaced adequately far apart to avoid crashes.

Amanda: There's a guy at the top of the log flume.
Me: Yeah.
Amanda: Was he there when we went down?
Me: Yeah.
Amanda: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah. Both times.
Amanda: I guess I wasn't paying attention.
Me: You were very busy pointing out the "Do not duck" sign.
Amanda: Oh, yeah.

Yep. We have the same genes.

Guess this story will have a part 3.

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