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20 June 2010

This trip? Not for the faint of heart.

So, after an exciting day and late night, we had to pack up, load up, and say good-bye on Friday.

It's a long drive from Indianapolis to Lubbock. A long drive. I'm really happy we're not going to be doing it again.

Playing with the kittens. It was their first time outside. I had itty bitty scratches on my arms afer this.

Playing with the dog. He's not the smartest dog on the street, but the upside is that he will play with anything that moves.

Yeah, that's me, stuck in a tree. I did manage to get down again.

So did Chad.

Passing through St. Louis. Chad took the wrong off-ramp because I was busy taking pictures.

So, we passed this truck which was carrying this race car, and I asked Chad to slow down so that I could take a picture. I'm sure the driver experiences that multiple times a day.

This is a rest area-- couldn't really tell you what town it's near, but it's right on a canyon and has a great display about wind power inside, as well as being aesthetically pleasing in other ways. And it is a severe weather shelter as well. Clearly it was designed by someone with lots of imagination and a large budget.

The canyon.

This would be the "large budget" thing.

And a leaning water tower. Nice.

This trip was probably the happiest I've ever been to see Lubbock. The sight of one's own bed is absolutely fabulous.

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