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22 June 2010

Saving the Planet

Apparently, trips to Indiana aren't that interesting. Fine, fine.

I had jury duty the Monday we were back, so I dutifully loaded myself into the Citibus for the trek downtown. Where I found out I wasn't needed. Cool. But I had already missed the next bus back to the office, so I had to content myself with hanging around the terminus for an hour. Ugh. I'm so glad I remembered my iPod.

And then, the fun part: I finally got to ride on one of the new hybrid buses! I was so excited when it pulled up; it looked so modern, so earth-friendly, so... exactly like every other Citibus. Except that it's actually a teensy bit smaller inside. But, I was still quite chuffed over finally getting to board that thing.

And then back to work, where there was a stack of questions waiting for me. And where reality seems to have set into my coworkers about my imminent departure. Oh, how I hate coming back after vacation.

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