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08 June 2010

Still getting older

So, in a continuation of catching up on my life, I start by telling you I am one of the lucky May babies.

My birth story is a rather amusing one, although I try not to remember all the details. My mother was due at the end of May, but two weeks before his birthday, my grandfather ordered my mum to have the baby on his birthday. Apparently, I was listening.

After the doc informed my dad that he had a daughter, my dad tried to trade me in for a boy. I do not find that part of the story as funny as my dad does, oddly enough.

So! To celebrate the 32nd anniversary of said occasion, we had Ruth, Sharlan and Mike over for some chicken korma and brownies. (Not on the same plate.) I haven't had korma in ages; hence that being my choice for my birthday dinner.

Chad got me some flowers that were the envy of my office, and The Peanuts Guide to Life. Good stuff.

My coworkers in the HBO department bought lunch for Chad & I (Raising Cane's! I love that place!), and also a really good cake:

And in anticipation of the already oft-repeated joke, yes, it did taste better than it looked for the Raider fans. I noticed that none of them refused to have a slice.


James, Andrea, and Clara Smith said...

Cute! So what day WAS your birthday? I'm glad it was fun.

Clara was listening when my mother said she'd be born on her birthday. When I went into labor two days before, Mom retracted that wish/prayer/statement, but I just labored for two days and had her on my mother's birthday! Thanks, Ya'll!

Now what? I didn't get to go to my mother's birthday party this year and we celebrated Clara's birthday a day early. She's only one and it's already awkward, plus you add in inlaws ... Fun. Nope, I hope all future babies get their own birthdays. : )

Su said...

May 3rd. We didn't ever have any problems with parties, though, because my grandpa didn't make it to my 1st birthday. :( Not that my family does birthday parties anyway. I have a little cousin who was almost born on my birthday, and he lives far enough away that it hardly matters, but I agree: Better to share your birthday with people who aren't relatives. :)