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13 June 2010

The rest of the road

We got a very predictable late start on Friday morning, so we were late at our stop in Tulsa to see a friend. And then we stayed for a while to chat & catch up, so we left Tulsa late.

There is not a lot to look at between Tulsa and St. Louis. And I know this for sure, because I've looked at all that nothing a few times. We hit a traffic snarl outside St. Louis, so we got off the interstate and drove through the city. Chad was concerned about getting lost, so we drove toward the arch, since I-70 goes right past it & we thought-- correctly, as it turns out-- that we'd find some signs & an on-ramp.

There is nothing to look at again between St. Louis & Indianapolis, even if it hadn't been dark. We arrived in the wee hours, again, and my poor sister had stayed awake to let us in.

Thought this sign was fun.

We didn't try.


I really liked these buildings.

This is probably the best picture I got of the arch, but it also captures some of the city, so I'm pretty happy with it.

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