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27 June 2010

Still sad, but not too disappointed...

Wow, my blog got a mention and a link on the Bible class email. Guess I better say something profound, like... um... Family Builders rock!!

Well, they do, as it happens, but I'm trying to put some normal stuff between my sappy posts. So, I'll put that one off for a few days. Besides, the SpyPros do get top billing, so Family Builders will have to wait. No one actually said that this blog was interesting.

Yeah. So, the US is out of the World Cup. Which is a real bummer, because two of our three games in the group stage were fantastic and I was hoping for more of the same in the knockout stage. Sigh.

But, my hopes were only to get out of the group stage, so I guess next time I'll set my sights higher.

Watching the final game of the group stage was fun; I had it on the computer next to mine (with permission!) and was watching while working. As the game progressed and I knew we needed to win in order to advance, I was getting more and more tense. So when we finally scored, in minute 92, for goodness' sake, I jumped up & down like I'd done it myself, although I did remember that I was in a doctor's office and that screaming of any sort was a bad plan. My coworkers assured me that my face went all red (nothing new for me) and that I had one very large grin on my face.

The US v Ghana game was less pleasing, of course. Toward the end, when we once again needed a goal to stay alive, one chance after another brought "Oh"s of disappointment and one high-pitched shriek (me) from the crowd gathered at Market Street.

Chad was not sympathetic to the loss, but fortunately we do have soccer- and World Cup-loving friends who shared my mourning.

And then England lost today, which helps ease the pain considerably, since I am a member of Team Anybody But England.

So, I'm going to be like everyone else and default to Brasil as the team I want to win (since Mexico has likewise passed into the night). And change the paint on my face to St. Andrew's cross, in support of Andy Murray at Wimbledon.

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